To view any of the described videos, just click onto the picture to be redirected on the corresponding site. 

Another superb movie in French (Sorry, ho!) made by Mister Claude Lelouch on SAR operations by helicopters in the 1960. You will see Sikorsky H34 from the French Air Force under training in the Alps, where they land just a wheel on the tip of the snowed mountain. You would see a recovery operation in Algeria, winching on remote island lighthouses and small ships. You have also real images from the Fréjus area dam burst or so called "the Malpasset catastrophy" which occured on December, the 2nd, 1959. All helicopter types came to rescue people H34/HSS, Piasecky "Banana", Alouette 2 and 3. Copyright ECPAD.  Picture on the left is a courtesy of Mister Georges Fraise.  

"LE CAPITAINE MÉDECIN VALÉRIE ANDRÉ" is a 1953 ECPA movie realised by Mister René Rouy (in French only, sorry ho!) first part of REGARDS SUR L'INDOCHINE N° 7. All Copyrights ECPA. This first 20 minutes show us the then Capitain Valérie André at the controls of her Hiller helicopter perfoming medical evacuation. On this picture used as a link, from left to right: Capitain Alexis Santini, Capitain Valérie André and Adjudant Chef Bartier. In the back, the Adjudant Fayolle is the engineer checking the rotor mast in Tan Son Nhat Air base, Saïgon, Indochina, circa 1950. (Picture courtesy of Madame Valérie André, private collection, Copyright Madame Valérie André) 

"4ÈME CARREFOUR DE L'AIR LE BOURGET" - is also a video all in French (Sorry ho!) about our people sponsorship subscription with the French Heritage Foundatrion on April, the 26th 2014, at the Air and Space Museum in Paris Le Bourget, France. You would see Madame the General Valérie André, Madame Catherine Maunoury, the Air and Space Museum President, Misters Jean de Raignac, the French Heritage Foundation representative and our President Mister Jean-Pierre Montreuil with many other guests around. (Photo copyright un Siko en vol)

"BAPTÊMES DE L'AIR EN VENDÉE ÉTÉ 2013" - On this picture, you may recognize Thierry and Annie and a few of the numerous volunteers during the Agriculture Summer 2013 Festival in Vendée. The helicopter used for these discovery flights was a Squirrel AS350 from Héliberté. You can see a short fun flight in the blue skies aver Vendée made by Agri85 (The Agricultural TV channel in Vendée). Take care, fasten you seat belts and off we go!  

(Picture Copyrights un Siko en vol)


"SIKORSKY S58/H34 THE SOUNDS OF THE SIXTIES" is a video performed by Mister Bruno Brokken, about his father flight on this S58 belonging to Méravo, a German helicopter company.  Mister Eddy Brokken was test pilot and he flew in the left hand seat with Captain Bernd Hauber, Méravo founder and owner. The picture on the left is a courtesy of Mrs Uta Haubern daughter of Mr Bernd Hauber, all Copyrights with Méravo helicopters. 

"RENNAISSANCE DU SIKORSKY H34-SA 55" or the rebirth of the Sikorsky H34-SA 55 is a French TV coverage performed in September 2012 by the Normandy local TV. (Therefore it is all in French, sorry ho!) But we can see our volunteers at work when recovering our helicopter. Our birds stayed in this private garden for 32 years thanks to Mister Michel Joseph. He will the donate his aircraft to our assocation and for that, he was made Honorary President of un Siko en vol. The picture on the left is Copyrights un Siko en vol. 

Igor Sikorsky in his own words: Superb 4 minutes 40 seconds video where Mister Igor Sikorsky explains himself his career and aviation progression through the 20th century developpements and aviation which was then not a discipline but "an art". You will see the progression, from the early biginning as a dreaming boy to the early successes with the Russian Tsar, then his immigration to the United States and further planes and seaplanes devellopments, until finally, he becomes the father of the modern helicopter during the second world war.  This picture of Mister Igor Sikorsky and this video are all copyright Sikorsky corporation. 

"SIKORSKY R4 HOVERFLY" is another video about the first ever rescue opeartion performed by a helicopter Sikorsky R4 during the second world war (April, 22nd et 23rd, 1944) in Birmania. 


The picture used as a link on the left is a courtesy of the Sikorsky Archives. You can see the R4 in hover with Igor Sikorsky keeping the safety harness in his hand circa 1943. (Copyrights Archives Igor I. Sikorsky)    

"SIKORSKY XR4, 1943" is a small video based on a 1943 movie during which the test pilot Les Morris demonstrates the capacities of the first industrial scale helicopter with the help of his wife on the ground and the visit of Mister Igor Sikorsky, ingeneer, conceptor and test pilote. The three of them will meet on the ground after the demonstration of an autorotation on this XR4.   

On the left, the picture used as a link to this video is a courtesy of the Sikorsky Archives. We can see Mister Igor Sikorsky on the trials of an early model of his VS 300 circa 1938. (All Cpyrights Archives Sikorsky) 

"THE HISTORY OF THE HELICOPTER" is a 1953 movie by the oil company Shell. During 18 minutes, this video shows multiple attempts made by the whole aviation community on various types of helicopters from the early days until 1950. Very interesting for these rare archive images which includes the German Nazi designs, you would see also, among other, Mister Igor Sikorsky flying his VS 300 demonstrator around 1940 while developping the first industrial helicopter in the United States.  

On the left, the "Air Screw" a craft imagined by Leonardo di Vinci around 1490 is one of the earliest drawing of what would become later a helicopter. 


Thanks to all of you who choosed to join us. Thanks to all organisations supporting us in our current devcelopment.


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