The AAMALAT is the Army Light Aviation Museum Friend Association. They regroup mainly ex-French military who served in the Army Light Aviation (or so called ALAT) and also a few civilians all together united in their willingness to maintain the aircraft belonging to the the ALAT Museum. These volunteers are doing a fantastic job in maintaining these aircraft in good conditions and presenting them to the public. You can visit this Museum by coming to Dax, in the South West of France, or by clicking their logo here on tyhe left which will redirect you to their web pages. 

AHA or the French Air Force Helicopter Association regroup all crew members and ground stff who work or have worked on any French Air Force Helicopter unit, either in the past or at the present. With numerous archives and  documents of all sorts, they publish plenty books, documents and web pages on the French Air Force Helicopter history. 

The ANAMAN or French Fleet Air Arm Museum Friend Association based in Rochefort on the West cost of France facing the bay of Biscay, regroup mainly ex-French military who served or have served in the French Fleet Air Arm, but also civilians who support the Fleet Air Arm Museum. They look after numerous aircraft given to them ither by the French Navy or by the Air and Space Museum in Paris. These volunteers are doing a fantastic job in maintaining these aircraft in good conditions and presenting them to the public. 

The ARDHAN is the French Fleet Air Arm Historical Association loooking to recover, collect, and make available to all authors willing to use them all documents and pictures from ex-Navy French personnel who served in the past. They have in archives around 40 000 pictures of all types of aircraft, seaplanes, planes and helicopters used in the French Navy since the early days of the first ballons towed by Navy ships.   

The Espace Air Passion is a french Museum of a very particular type willing to present all their aircrfat in a flying status. Based inland in Anjou (West of France) on the Angers Loire airport, they own and maintain all their aircraft so that the public can see them in flight regularly. This approach is quite unusual in France and the Espace Air Passion is really one of the rare Museum adopting such modern philosophy. 

RRAA is a small association belonging to Mister Michel Bogaert, where 7 senior founder members have spent 17 years in rebuilding a 0.75 scale replica of a Mosquito from scratch. Thois aircraft is painted to the color of RAF Squadron leader Max Gedj, french pilot killed in Norway in 1945 during a ship bursting mission.  She is now flying around numerous meeting and vintage aircraft shows in France UK and other foreign countries. You can see this superb aircraft in flight here under. 


Thanks to all of you who choosed to join us. Thanks to all organisations supporting us in our current devcelopment.


Merci à tous ceux qui ont choisi de nous rejoindre. Merci à toutes les organisations qui nous aident dans notre développement. Si vous souhaitez rejoindre le site d'un Siko en vol en Français, cliquez sur le drapeau tricolore.