Our association defines itself as a friendly human environment, made of talents and synergies exclusively aimed at the re-construction and fit to fly status recovery of our Sikorsky H34-SA55 helicopter. Our aeronautical approach is mainly based on our personal resources and on our professional competences, usually used on a voluntary base, but also on specialized companies that we contract when necessary in order to execute specifics tasks. 

To present our association “un siko en vol”, we would start first by presenting our founders and honor members who are at the origins of this aviation project of exceptional wingspan.






                                                                                 Michel JOSEPH

                                                                              Honor President

                                                                    Sikorsky H34-SA55 donator





          Jean-Pierre MONTREUIL

             "un siko en vol" President

           Ex-Rotary commercial pilot

               Fixed wing private pilot 




                                                          Michel PEYRUSQUÉ

                                                    "un siko en vol" Vice President

                                                     Fixed Wing Commercial Pilot

                                                   Rotary Wing Commercial Pilot

                                                        Rotary Engineer "Part 66"





                                        Marie-Line CLÉMENCEAU

                                                    Tresory accountant

                            Aviation Event Manager and  Facilitator


Our association’s goals are establish as: 


  • To participate to our aeronautical and historical patrimony conservation,
  • To establish material, organizational and human means so that we can restore, maintain and become able to present this aeronautical and historical patrimonial to the general public, 
  • To establish between aviation friends, lovers of vintage helicopters or members of all country aeronautical associations, a friendly relationship bringing them closer to exchange and maintain our traditions and know-how,
  • To spread the aviation taste and feeling to the great public, but before all to youngsters by witnessing the glorious past of the seniors and by facilitating them access to knowledge offered in aviation positions, 
  • To capitalized and transfer any acquired competences and experience in the areas of technical maintenance, vintage helicopter flying skills and around our historical memory 


Thanks to all of you who choosed to join us. Thanks to all organisations supporting us in our current devcelopment.


Merci à tous ceux qui ont choisi de nous rejoindre. Merci à toutes les organisations qui nous aident dans notre développement. Si vous souhaitez rejoindre le site d'un Siko en vol en Français, cliquez sur le drapeau tricolore.