By joining un Siko en vol, you will defend our aeronautical patrimonial, the preservation of our common history and the spreading of the original aviation spirit inspiring the pionners. Thank you!

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To join us, please follow the instructions given in our Pdf "Join us" form (English edition) Then send your joining fees as required in euro (sorry, we don't take any other currency) and this completed form by mail to our address at St Michel en l'Herm, France.
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Thanks to all of you who choosed to join us. Thanks to all organisations supporting us in our current devcelopment.


Merci à tous ceux qui ont choisi de nous rejoindre. Merci à toutes les organisations qui nous aident dans notre développement. Si vous souhaitez rejoindre le site d'un Siko en vol en Français, cliquez sur le drapeau tricolore.