Our non profitable association “un Siko en vol” (literally “A Siko in flight”) is based at St Michel en L’herm, on the West coast of France, close by La Rochelle and Nantes. 


Our unique association’s purpose is to see one day the H34 SA55 flying again. To ensure we do reach such objective and make it possible, we decided to connect our members and unify our skills and common passion through our formal association. 


We would like to pool energies, good willingness, share enthusiasm and our dedicated passion for old helicopters. We would like to connect youngsters and seniors, transfer experience and professional competences between generations around our Sikorsky H34 with this common objective “See her flying again”.. see young and old eyes wet and shining with excitement.  


This association’s project took shape in 2010 starting with only but just five of us! By now, we have more than hundreds members and we are growing... and growing.. and still growing! Our first job was to find her, a surviving helicopter Sikorsky H34 and then become the owner. That was a difficult step for our young association “un Siko en vol” because we had absolutely no money! 


However, we did reach that first goal during the fall of 2012. Mister Michel JOSPEH a retired ex-French Army helicopter engineer for many years and passionate about the H34 was the previous owner of this Sikorsky H34 SA55 for more than 30 years. 

There she was, superb old beauty, just waiting for us in his garden..


Impressed by the project and the possibility to see her flying again, he decided to give her a second chance, which was for us, a superb and unique chance as well. So, he donated her to us. By now, this well preserved H34-SA55 belongs to our charitable association “un Siko en vol”   


Lovely jubbly! We own the helicopter! So, we moved on to the next step. She is currently installed in a hangar and we have already started rebuilding her. We are dealing with a large and complex project, but by now, I am absolutely sure about one thing: “Yes, we can!”


If you too are interested in our adventure, if you want to meet us, if you keep any parts, tools, pictures, stories or anything in relation with her, with her history, please, do not hesitate and come forward to meet us. To do so, please use the tab “Contact us” or send us an e-mail anytime. 


If you want to participate to this aeronautical heritage’s restoration, you may as well choose to support us. You can either become an active member by paying an annual fee (20 euro as a minimum) or make a one-time contribution at your convenience still using the same tab “Contact us”. 


Whatever your choice, we will be delighted to welcome you for a cup of tea and a chat about her, our superb helicopter Sikorsky H34-SA55 and our association “un Siko en vol”. 


Best regards

Jean-Pierre Montreuil

Un Siko en vol President



Thanks to all of you who choosed to join us. Thanks to all organisations supporting us in our current devcelopment.


Merci à tous ceux qui ont choisi de nous rejoindre. Merci à toutes les organisations qui nous aident dans notre développement. Si vous souhaitez rejoindre le site d'un Siko en vol en Français, cliquez sur le drapeau tricolore.